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Equipping the Quichua Churches to transform their communities

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(“Ours” in Quichua)

To raise the standard of living of the Quichua in Ecuador by implementing economic community programs.

To train Quichua community leaders so that they can start their own community businesses,
and to sponsor a Fair Trade business to market the communities’ products.


Project "Nucanchik" in "Capulispungo"

So we've now gotten passed the workshops on Leadership and Organizational Processes, and the members of the Capulispungo Community are ready for the next step…

Theological Education "FLET"


Church leaders in various Quichua communities have asked us to help them train their leaders. They want they leaders to feel “equipped” so that they can teach others. The FLET bible program meets this need. Once a student completes the training, they are expected to be active in their church and be able to teach others.

We have found the FLET bible program to be ideally suited for the Quichua communities. It meets their needs and fits their situation. It was originally designed for indigenous churches, is now used in all kinds of cultures, and suits both professionals and Indians.


FLET in "Capulispungo"

The book of Jeremiah is proving to be a real test for the class in Capulispungo. As they say, "This is what separates the men from the boys." The course reviews all 52 chapters of the book of Jeremiah. Most of the students have never delved into a book as much as this course does…


FLET in "Cachisagua"

“Who answers the questions?” That question often goes through my mind, and it comes from my father. He taught us that it’s more important to be able to derive the answer than just memorize it from someone else. So I applied that this Sunday to our bible study in Cachisagua.

We were reviewing one homework question: “What are the requirements for entering the kingdom of God?” The “book answer” was “repentance and faith.” But a couple of students answered “repentance, faith, and baptism.”


FLET in "Sablog"

As the story goes: The tortoise beat the hare. The small group plods along, but is making steady progress. I arrived to find the pastor leading the group in discussing the bible lesson. I continue to learn from them and they from me. Both of us profit from the time together. Romans 1:12