We have found the FLET bible program to be ideally suited for the Quichua communities. It meets their needs and fits their situation. It was originally designed for indigenous churches, is now used in all kinds of cultures, and suits both professionals and Indians.


“FLET” stands for “Faculty in Latin America for Theological Education.” Sponsored by LOGOI ministries, “FLET helps national missionaries and pastors — wherever they find themselves. We help them create a seminary in their church with trusted Bible study courses and certificate programs. It is all designed to “equip God’s people to do His work and build up the church, the body of Christ.” (Eph. 4:12)” ( The courses are “self-taught.” The students study at home, and meet once a week to discuss their progress and learning.


Church leaders in various Quichua communities have asked us to help them train their leaders. They want they leaders to feel “equipped” so that they can teach others. The FLET bible program meets this need. Once a student completes the training, they are expected to be active in their church and be able to teach others.



The FLET program consists of 6 books with 10 lessons in each one. The students have to complete 1 lesson a week. They meet once a week to review their work and to discuss any questions they may have. These meetings are led by a tutor who oversees the program and gives extra help and guidance as needed. Once the church leaders finish the course, we will help them organize a Christian education program in their church


After completing each book of ten lessons, the students have to pass a written exam. They are also graded on attendance and homework. But the real evaluation is to see them teaching others in their church.


COST per Community

Per student: 6 books x $11 each = $66 dollars
Supervision and direction by the Foundation: $130/month x 18 months = $2340
Total cost for a community program of 12 students = $3132

We are charging the students $10/month to help cover the cost of the program.
Thus for a community program of 12 students x $10/month x 18 months, they cover $2160.
Our deficit is $972.
But for a group of 8 students x $10/month x 18 months, they would cover only $1440, and our deficit would be $1692 dollars.